Pain Aids are available in store at Dawn 2 Dusk Pain Management Clinic.

Trigger Point Ball

It's never too late to experience full range of motion, try a SPIKEY MASSAGE / TRIGGER POINT BALL.

One of the best self-massage tools.

The Trigger Point Ball is used to perform self massage exercises and muscle release techniques, stimulating the effect of a sports massage.

It helps rectify complaints such as sports injuries, workplace soreness and general posture problems.


KIWI made wheatbags

Premium quality, made of 100% locally produced wheat and 100% cotton wheat bag. The wheat bags are sectioned to allow even distribution of wheat and can be moulded to specific areas on the body

2 Section 34cm x 14cm - Lavender Scented

3 Section 46cm x 13cm - Best Seller

4 Section 35cm x 25cm

18cm x 8cm - Eye Bag

To use as a COLD compress

Place in a sealed plastic bag in the refrigertor or freezer for at least 45 minutes.


Place wheat bag in the centre of the microwave, ensuring it does not obstruct the turntable. Make sure the wheat bag is flat and evenly distributed.

Heating time varies:

  • 3 segment = 1-2 minutes
  • 2 segment = 30sec - 1 minute
  • eye soother = 20 - 30 seconds

Pain Aids

Polar Frost Cold Gel 150ml

Is specially formulated to provide soothing relief for soft tissue injuries, stress injuries, muscle tension, inflammation and stiffness.

PT Rub 100ml

Penetrates deeply into muscles to reduce swelling, relieve pain, sooth strained / aching muscles. Great for arthritic joints.

Relaxing Wax 25g

Aids recovery of headaches, hypertension, insomnia, nervous tension & stress related disorders.

Sports Wax 25g

Relieves skin irritation, cools inflamed skin, calms muscle strains & tight muscles.

Recovery Wax 25g

Great for pain relief, muscle strains & muscle cramps, bruising.

Warm Up Rub 450g

Use PRE GAME to help with muscle tightness & pain.

K-Tape, gives your joints & muscles support & stability

K-Tape is an elastic therapeutic tape, abbreviated for Kinesiology tape. K-Taping gives support and stability to joints and muscles without affecting circulation and range of motion. It can also be used for Preventive Maintenance, Edema and to treat pain.

K-Taping is a technique based on the body's own natural healing process. This K-Taping exhibits its efficacy through the activation of neurological and circulatory systems. Using an elastic tape, it was discovered that muscles and other tissues could be helped by outside assistance.

The K-Taping Method is applied over muscles to reduce pain and inflammation, relax overused tired muscles and to support muscles in movement on a 24hr/day basis. It is non-restrictive type of taping which allows for full range of motion.

Shakti Mat + Pillow + Acupressure Ring

Your Purchase Empowers Women

The heart of the Shakti brand is their ethical manufacturing workshop in Varanasi, India, where the majority of their products are handmade.

​Women are empowered with good pay, fair hours and free medical care, all within a happy and safe work environment.

The Shakti Mat is your new tool for daily self-care. Tension builds up in four common areas throughout the day: ​neck, shoulders, back and feet.

How to Use your Shakti Mat

The Shakti Acu-Ring is a portable self-massage tool.

Simply roll the ring up and down each finger 20-40 times to activate acupressure points in the fingers.

The stimulation brings circulation to the fingers, providing warmth and lubrication to the joints.

​People also use The Acu-Ring for anxiety, stress relief and improved focus.

Made from copper and silver-coated for natural antibacterial properties.

Methanol Plaster

Menthol has an analgesic & moderate anti-inflammatory feature.
Affordable and effective.

Menthol helps to reduce:

  • muscle pains
  • muscular weariness
  • muscle rigidity
  • joint sprains and traumas
  • muscle contusions

12 x 18cm, can be cut to desired size.

Capsicum Plaster

Capsicum, when applied topically helps to REDUCE PAIN.

Menthol helps to reduce:

  • muscle
  • joint
  • neck/shoulder
  • tennis elbow
  • lower back
  • arthritic

A very affective & affordable pain management tool.
12 x 18 cm, can be cut to size.

Silicone Cups

Made from High-Strength Silicone Rubber.

Available individually at NZ$5.00 each.

Perfect for home treatment anywhere on the body, especially useful for neck and shoulder pain. Very easy to self apply.

Each cup has rounded rims which allow for easy grip and maximum suction with a soft outer rim to minimise marking.

Silicone cups are durable and lightweight. They are easy to use, clean and maintain.