Various massage treatments can help relieve pain by increasing blood circulation, interrupting the pain cycle and releasing endorphins. Muscles often tighten up around painful areas to protect them.
Pre-Pay for massage treatments and save $$$


At Dawn to Dusk we teach you how to look after your body. WORKSHOPS COMING UP...... keep an eye out for dates


Email/Text/Call to arrange. Sent out via email & payment made via bank deposit or eftpos in-store.

Love YOU, take care of YOU

Regular body maintenance is key to your flexibility, especially as you age. Add in Teeth Whitening and your smile will say it all!

Keeping your muscles, ligaments and joints stimulated through regular Massage, Dry Needling, manual Lymphatic Drainage and Cupping can improve blood circulation and aid in sports and illness recovery.

Look younger and feel more confident, come in for a Teeth Whitening treatment where we use Sparklewhite Teeth non Sensitive Hydrogen Peroxide. Carried out by a qualified & registered cosmetic teeth whitening practitioner.

Southern Cross members can claim for remedial massage.

Give Southern Cross a call to see if your plan offeres Remedial Massage benefits.

At Dawn 2 Dusk Massage Therapies we understand you only have one body… let us help YOU take care of yourself.

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Regular treatments can improve blood circulation, reduce stress hormones, aid in sports & illness recovery, increase ligaments and joints mobility & reduce muscle pain.  Why not get your teeth whitened after your treatment.

Dawn 2 Dusk, keeping you moving & smiling.

Pain Management

We use a mixture of both traditional Chinese medicine and Western techniques, reducing ​pain, irritation and inflammation.


Dusk 2 Dawn Workshops are about giving you the tools to help maintain your body between visits.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a quick and painless Cosmetic procedure that enables us to safely remove years of staining from your teeth in just 1 hour.

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