Who we are and how we work

Bernadette Moir

“The first thing for me, when I put my hands on someone, is to forget everything I know. If I know something, that is what I’m going to find, and I might miss what is actually there” – BONNIE BAINBRIDGE COHEN

Very wise words we at Dawn 2 Dusk abide by.

I studied at the New Zealand College of Massage and graduated with a Diploma in Health Science, Level 6, Therapeutic / Remedial Massage Therapies.

This qualification enables me to assess clients for short, tight, long, weak or dysfunctional muscles, which can cause an imbalance to ones mobility functions thus reducing quality of life, range of motion and cause pain.

Trigger Points & Fascia release are a huge part of treatments offered to clients to help correct any muscle dysfunction.

I use a holistic approach and mix Western and Eastern philosophies.

At Dawn 2 Dusk I love working with clients to develop specific treatment plans that best suit their needs; whether it is a relaxation treatment to reduce stress, or a specific pain management treatment to address chronic soft-tissue dysfunction and or pain.  My aim is to get everyBODY into a maintenance phase plan with regular treatments, as prevention is always better than cure. To facilitate this, I offer a huge pre paid discount on treatments.

2020 saw me training in Spironics (the art of un-winding the bodies fascia, which is vital to release restricted body movement). In 2021 I trained in cosmetic Teethwhitening through the New Zealand Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Association. I also completed my Manual Lymphatic Drainage course.  Roll on 2022……… watch this space…… Looks like Bowen Therapy is coming to Dawn 2 Dusk!

Learning is a never ending process thanks to our mysterious bodies and those dedicated to unraveling its secrets.

As an active person, I understands the importance of mobility, adopting a ‘use it or lose it’ approach to my personal life.

Most importantly, I loves what I do and do what I love.